lunaque (lunaque) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Lunette silicone err fraying?

I posted here once before and I read this community from time to time, but alas I forgot my username  so that's the reason for the empty account! Now on to the issue: I've had a small Lunette for a little less than a year at this point. Although the learning curve was steep I now love and regularly use my Lunette! So, today when my "monthly wonder" appeared I pulled it out of the bag and headed to the show. I put it in my shower caddy so that I can erm put it in me later. As I bend down to get some soap, I notice that it looks like the bottom ring on the stem is broken. On further examination, I confirm that it is indeed ripped. Has any one else had this experience? I don't think I've cleaned it with anything harsh-- mostly Dove soap, Dr. Bronners, and (this might be the culprit) the hand sanitizer/soap in my dorm bathrooms. Another possible culprit is my long fingernails-- I do tend to dig them in to the stem on removal, but I thought cups were more resilient :( 

Could little stray pieces of silicone be detrimental to my health? Would Lunette send me a replacement or is it not the worth the trouble? I look forward to the responses! Thanks! 
Tags: cup lifespan, customer service, health risks, lunette

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