ۓښ (goacidic) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I purchased my first menstrual cup on eBay a few months ago, and have been extremely pleased with it! Sometimes it is quite difficult to get a good seal, the punch down fold works most of the time but sometimes not. And I have just had to trim the stem for the second time, as it's been irritating more than usual during this period, especially when my cervix lowered in the last few days.

Something is bothering me though... the seller I got it from didn't appear to be a personal seller, as they had several of them and they were listed as brand new. So I trusted that it had never been used. The box says it is a MoonCup, but I've noticed there is a very faint piece of text imprinted on the cup itself that says "Green Donna". It appears to be in the same style of font as the MoonCup logo... so what's going on? Is this a used Green Donna that someone has just put into a MoonCup box and tried to pass off as new? I know people buy and sell used cups a lot, but I'm just a bit paranoid about this... is there much danger in using a cup that's been used by someone else? Or is the Green Donna brand owned my MoonCup or something?

edit: okay, just looked under the green donna tags and found several other entries with the same query. very strange indeed... i just hope it's clean and safe to use is all.
Tags: green donna

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