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First post in a while

I got my Small Blue MeLuna with a ball stem today and it's the second day of my period which is usually only 3 or 4 days at the most but I'm still excited. I sterilized it even though it looked clean,then went out to eat with my mother and tried it when I got back. I would have tried it before but I had a diva cup (or possibly a mooncup i'll have to find it and see what it is)and it gave me really bad cramps from the suction but this time it seemed to go in fine and pop open and except for realizing i might need to file down some of my nails during my period it seems to be ok.

Should I worry that their isn't a seal if I keep feeling air bubbles coming out? I feel it deep inside and there's no leaking but i'm just nervous. I don't care if I leak in my sleep..everything can be washed but it just seems impossible that it went in so smoothly lol

I'm thrilled though because now except for maybe buying reusuable pads I can buy tampons and pads while i'm couponing and they can all go straight to food banks :) I may keep a box around just in case but I'm a happy convert!
Also I've got to say I'm really thrilled with I ordered last saturday or sunday I think and it came from the UK to little ole South Carolina today! I expected it maybe next week or something.
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