natalieadw (natalieadw) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Tilted Uterus help!

I have tried the Diva cup and the the Mooncup UK (both in the over 30 and had a baby size) for the past nine cycles (the first nine cycles I've had post partum).  I've always had lots of leaking regardless of the position I insert.  I feel that I'm pretty experienced enough that I know when I have a good seal and when it has popped open properly, so I don't think thats the problem.  I spoke with my midwife today and she told me she remembers that I have a tilted uterus.  So, I went and checked my cervix, I'm day 4 of my cycle, my cervix was two knuckles in on my middle finger!  Pretty low!  And it was pointed toward my belly button when I was checking (while on the toilet), so its definitely tilted.  So between the tilt and low position of my cervix now wonder I've been having problems!  I was wondering if anyone could recommend certain cups and/or sizes to try!  I would greatly appreciate it!!

Tags: tilted uterus
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