ecogirl25 (ecogirl25) wrote in menstrual_cups,

First Period: Can feel it

I'm a 15 year old virgin. I've used tampons but not often because I don't really like them. A few months ago I heard about these and was really excited because I'm always looking for for environmentally friendly technology.

I researched cups and picked out on that I thought would fit me best. A lunette diana small. This is my first period with one. I didn't do any dry runs, though I tried once.

The first two times I tried getting it in there was pain. I took a break after each. Finally, I tried a different approach and stuck two fingers in first before I put it in. Then I pushed it in kind of from the back and got it in. I slept in it. When it came to removal I had some issues, but I was nervous. Then, I wore it and it leaked. Obviously, this is because it wasn't high enough or didn't seal. I can still feel it.

I was just wondering how I can get it in higher if it needs to be. Its difficult to get a finger around to check the seal. Is there any other reason I may be feeling it or is it actually just a normal thing?
Tags: first time use, insertion - painful or problems

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