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Success story and a picture

Hello again, dear community!

I wrote earlier  that I'd come back when I'd recieved and tried my first menstrual cup (small lunette), and now I certainly have - 3 periods of constant usage :) It didn't start out too awesome, though.

I recieved it in the mail about two weeks before my period, but since I'm always low on patience I tried it right away. Now, I knew from you guys that doing a dry run could be difficult and wouldn't be like using it while menstruating, so I thought I'd just be brave and let it take its time. And so I began, sitting down on the toilet.

*fiddle fiddle* "Ow."

*fiddle push fiddle* "...OW-OW-OW!! WHY DOES IT HURT??"

*pokes around* "...I have a crooked vagina. That's the only explanation - it's BENT."

*wets cup, stands up* "I'll make it work though, it cost me money."

*fails to make it work, finds lube*

*lubed cup slips hilariously everywhere, except into vagina*

*un-lubes cup, takes a break*

Then I rolled around on the floor in different poses, feeling less than classy, getting it in halfway, but pulling it out because it hurt. Finally I steeled myself and managed to push it in, figuring the pain was temporary. And it was! Success! Glory! Only took me like, 30 minutes! Beyond the first self-hugging inch or so, my vagina was remarkably spacious and utterly pain-free. Good to know. Of course, now I had to take it out. Again with the hurting. It had formed a good seal right away, and a small fearmongering voice told me I'd give myself a vaginal prolapse.

I didn't. It got out. I didn't really long for trying it out again, but spent money talks, so when my period came I used it anyway. Once more, success! It slipped in MUCH easier, with less pain. Not one leak and I spent gradually less time inserting/taking it out (no rolling around on floor neccessary). I realized it was, as you all had said, a steep learning curve. But there was a plateau!


So I was satisfied. My cervix felt punched, though. Also, when my period was over my around-vagina abdominal area felt tired and sore. I guessed it was muscle fever (or watchamacallit in non-Swedish), and I was muchly amused. Vagina workout.

By my 3rd period it was no business at all. It's comfortable (EXCEPT for the first day of bloodshed, when it gives me crazy cramps), easy in/out, hasn't leaked once and I'm very happy with it. But someting has happened.

I want - NEED - more cups. Soft cups, stiff cups, cuppy cups! Imagine if they made a clear, glittery edition, you know, like some nailpolishes are just THICK with glitter. I'd be all over that. Like icing. On cake.

Cup cake.

So yeah, I'm a lost case now. But I made another public domain picture for you, which makes it alright.
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