ecocup720 (ecocup720) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Lady Cup

Hi Everyone, about 6 months ago I purchased a large ladycup from ebay and was so excited when it finally arrived. I used it for about two cycles, but had a few problems with it. First of all, I noticed some cramping early on in my cycle. Second, when I would sleep with the cup in, it would some how get pushed up causing a huge leak leaving me to search for it it the morning. It was very scary the first time it happened because it was so far up that it took me several minutes to get it out.

Since then it's been back to using tampons. I hate how I have to make sure and have at least two tampons in my bag when I am at work, and when I was using my ladycup I didn't have to worry about that (just the cramping during the day). I really would like to use only reusable menstrual products. Anyhow, any tips on how to avoid these problems? Maybe I should switch to a different cup?? Thanks!

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