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meluna coop order

I hope someone here can help.  I've tried to contact the person who does the Meluna Coop Orders to resolve this, but I haven't gotten any response to my emails.

I ordered a cup via the coop and PayPal'd her the money on September 12, 2010.  I have received no cup.  I have received no information on whether the coop order was placed or not.  I feel as though I've been waiting patiently for the cup, or news of the cup's whereabouts, to arrive.

I emailed the person who does the coop orders on two occasions ... first at the end of September, most recently last week.  I've received no response.

Has anyone else done the meluna coop order thing during September?  Have you received your cup?  Do you know what is happening?  I'd really appreciate some information.  Thanks!
Tags: customer service, meluna, where to buy
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