Nightrun89 (nightrun89) wrote in menstrual_cups,


Only just discovered this community and am more than a little overwhelmed by it all...

In a couple of weeks I will graduate from uni as a geologist - i have a job lined up and im pumped! 
until my period started and i realised that regularly spending 2 - 3 weeks in remote areas with barely any access to clean facilities, and having to hike and carry gear....just thinking about the logistics of pads in that situation is giving me nightmares.

I CANNOT use tampons - ive tried but i find them so uncomfortable (like someone is scouring my vag) i use pads. but awful pads are awful :( menstrual cups seem too good to be true.

I will admit i'm a little daunted by them - they look huge >.< can you really not feel them? (thats what the pamplets say in tampon boxes but that's a LIE D:<)

Can cups be kept hygenic without access to running water? If I don't have baths/showers how easy is it to stay clean and neat when removing them?

Tags: camping & backpacking, first time use, sports/physical activities
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