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Dear God end this NOW

I am on day 21 of my period. Not day 21 of my cycle but 21 evil days of actual bleeding. I am miserable. My lady bit HURT now. A few days of inserting and removing a cup are NOOOOOOOOOO problem but I had to switch from my diva 2 to my keeper mooncup and OUCHY. Today I stopped at the store for a box of INsteds since they are much smaller and more squishy to insert. I want it to stop. In the last 21 days I bleed the frist 4 (normal), heavy discharge/bleeding for 12ish and then HEAVY bleeding for the last 4 (not normal). No cramps, no pain, just prolonged evil insane period. Have a vaginal ultrasound Monday (will it hurt) (and how if I'm still bleeding????) to see if I'm dying (j/k). Someone wave a magic wand and stop it please???

Pitiful rant over now :) Back to normal programing :)
Tags: heavy blood flow
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