wiesoauchimmer (wiesoauchimmer) wrote in menstrual_cups,

cup and crutches?

ok, so i'm having knee surgery on tuesday and i'm going to have to stay in hospital for a week. i expect to start my period on the second to last day of my hospital stay. additionally i'm going to have to go with crutches for another 5 weeks, so, lucky me, i get another period while still not able to use my leg properly.

i'm not going to be allowed to put my full body weight on my right leg, not even while standing, for the whole 6 weeks.

usually i insert/remove my cup while standing with my legs apart and bent forward, so this strategy will definitely not work while i'm on crutches.

i know some of you handle the cup while sitting on the toilet but since i am a bit overweight and most of it sits in my thighs i don't have very much room down there in that position and the toilet (room) is not wide enough to spread my legs far enough apart to make more room.

so does anyone have any suggestions for me on how to make my cup work for me during those two periods?

if all fails i do have a stash of cloth pads that i can use (i bought them for my post partum bleed, so they are heavy duty enough to get me through my heavy bleeding days with a reasonable amount of changing) but i'd rather use my cup since it's more comfortable, especially since i'm going to have to lie in bed most of the time at least during my first post-surgery period.
Tags: disabilities & health problems, heavy blood flow, insertion, pads - cloth, removal

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