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I Love My Cup(s)

So, last cycle, on the last day while trying to remove my MeLuna ring stem...the stem BROKE...inside of me. While this wouldn't be a problem for some, the ring is ESSENTIAL in helping me remove my cup. I had 2 other ring stems but one was one pull away from breaking completely and the other only had a minor tear...like the one that broke inside of me.
Frank and who I assume to be the other people working for/at MeLuna have GREAT customer service!! I emailed with my issue (and pics) of all 3 of my ring stems (these were the older models, btw) and he sent me out the newer models immediately!
I got my period before the replacement cups (3 large ring stems and 2 small 1 ring, 1 ball stem) came. Luckily, I have cloth pads...going to the store to buy disposables really would have made my heart and dwindling bank account (not to mention my vagina, if I were to buy tampons) sad. Unfortunately, I'm realizing that I have a love/hate relationship with cloth pads in general. While they're great in many aspects, the nearly constant feeling of blood leaking out of me SUCKS!! (Especially since my cups have worked almost perfectly since February!) And it seems, though the pads were never to their "capacity" and I didn't stain my underwear, I could very well have been walking around for the majority of the day yesterday with a blood stain on the back of my jeans. :(
Since tomorrow will be the last and very light day, I'll just use a cloth liner but I am SO HAPPY to be able to use (one of) my cups next cycle. I missed them so verrrrrrrrrry much.

Now, on to my question. Now that the ring stems are thicker, it's obviously a bit more difficult to get a finger inside of it to aid in pulling out. How did those using the ring stems (whether large, medium or small...especially if you had the thinner stemmed ones first) get used to the difference? Did you use a different finger, did your body temp make it a but more pliable, etc? Any suggestions would be helpful as it took more effort than "normal" for me to get my finger in the ring when it was OUTSIDE of my body.
Tags: meluna, pads - cloth, removal, success stories

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