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How to buy a MeLuna or Lunette online if I am in South America?


As suggested after reading the answer to a question I had (wonderful community and info!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)), I think I should try one of those brands. But no menstrual cup, not even one brand, is sold around here. I got the Mooncup from a friend in UK.

I am interested above all in the MeLune, but someone said that the Lunette is also softer... I need something rather soft and as small as possible.

I am overwhelmed by all the info, and very lost because many places offer them, but most seem to operate in Europe or US.

Do you know of any  that would ship to Uruguay?

One problem is that sometimes the customs stop things they don't know what they are, as it is the case here, if you buy them from the store.
If you know of someone who could send it but send it as if it were some present or gift (not with the receipt, or receipt appart), that would be fantastic. Because, then, the customs do not understand what it is (nobody uses those here) but since it is a gift, it can be anything, it does not matter. When it is a "business" who sends you something, they try to find out what the thing is in order to imagine if you should go through the paperwork of importation. Which would be silly, considering what it is. But imagine GUYS (most who work at customs are guys) opening that... very likely to have them ask me to go and tell them what it is.. ! and it means traveling to the airport... not fun!

Anyone sells them from home or can receive it from a company and repackage it for me, OF COURSE with my sending by paypal the money to take care of the shipping and extra work demanded?

Anyway, if you know of a site I can talk of this about, or a person I can talk about this directly (the latter is better), please let me know.



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