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Not fully emptying the bladder with the smaller Mooncup...

A really nice lady from here that I met at a newsgroups and also uses the Keeper Mooncup referred me to this wonderful site! wonderful!!!!!!!!

Maybe my question was answered already and I saw a few posts linked to this matter, but I have no occasion right now to look thoroughly through all the archives, so I will ask again...especially as my question includes two questions, not always together in past posts I've seen:

I love the menstrual cupt except for one thing: it seems to put pressure on my bladder and not allow me to fully empty it. As in emptying my bladder at 965%, but noticing that if I push the mooncup with the finger as to take it away from the anterior wall of the vagina, I have some urine. Not much, but I have it. And I feel some irritation afterwards.

Someone was smart to let me know about the chance to push a bit the mooncup as in folding it without removing it, to put less pressure on the bladder when emptying it. And that is how my suspicious was confirmed.

Sadly, that method is messy, and removing the mooncup altogether is not always an option each time I must empty my bladder.

For time, hygiene and privacy issues, then, in both scenarios I can not always remove the Mooncup and even though I did not catch any yet, I fear to get a UTI.

Anyone experiences the same?

Any of you knows of a way to work around this?
Anyone experienced the same?

Is there some brand providing a smaller size (diameter) of a menstrual cup? I do not bleed much, even in the heaviest days. I never have the problem of "overflowing", not even in special situations where I had to spend many hours with the Mooncup on.
I love it, but the fear of UTIs and not doing good things to my bladder worries. Anyway, with the type of menstrual flow I have, I could keep up with a smaller sized cup. Anyone knows if that exists?

Tips? ideas?

Thanks :):):I)

WONDERFUL idea of a group!!!!

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Tags: chafing/irritation, keeper moon cup, sizes/size issues, urination, uti (urinary tract infection)

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