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New Miacup And Soft Meluna Videos / Reviews

Hi everyone!   The new Soft Meluna and new Miacup samples have arrived!  :) 

I made videos and did reviews to share with you all.  I'm posting the review links here, but the videos I will be posting in the first comment below.  Of course the new soft Meluna's are softer (they still offere the regula ones though).  And the new Miacup now has an FDA-approved color, which is very much like the old color, but slightly darker and less "pinkish".  Its also slightly firmer.  In the videos, I compare original models to the new ones.  I will also be working to update the sizing/stiffness comaprison charts, but that may take a few days, as I have been busy, lol.

New Miacup Review:

Soft Meluna Review:

Again, videos are in the first comment :)

PS-- Here are the two discount codes for the Miacup samples I got, they came printed on a card in the boxes, for anyone who would like to make use of them. Discount available only on the original Miacup website:


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