? ?
25 October 2010 @ 12:32 pm
 i just recently changed birthcontrol methods going from yaz to the nuvaring and one of the effects of the nuvaring appears to be that it increases my flow during my period.  I've been using a small yuuki successfully for 9 months now.  it is very comfortable and soft-but the capacity is no longer what I need for my heavy days. I know this isn't  a rogue heavy period either because I was started on the nuvaring 3 months ago and they have been consistently heavier than before since the change.  It wasn't an issue during the summer but now that classes have started again I need longer times between changes again.  

 I was wondering which of the three bigger cups had an equitable softness to the small yuuki.  I'm looking at the large lunette, the large fleurcup, and the large yuuki.  Any recommendations?  
kitsunenomizukitsunenomizu on October 25th, 2010 04:48 pm (UTC)
Well.. Out of the 3 you listed, a large lunette has the least capacity, and is much stiffer than than the small yuuki. (Anyone correct me if I'm wrong here) A large fleurcup holds a little more than large lunette and is quite softer and squishier than one as well. A Large Yuuki is lot squishier than the fleur and holds the most of the 3. I don't know if that helps you in any way but that's what i have out of my knowledge as i have a lrge yuuki, large lunette and l fleur. Lol
cheniqua_17 on October 25th, 2010 05:16 pm (UTC)
I have a small lady and it's too squishy for me, so that takes the yuuki off the list as it is even squishier. i'm thinking large fleur now, thanks for your help!
Serpentserpent_849 on October 25th, 2010 04:52 pm (UTC)
here's a stiffness rating if you feel a stiffer cup will not be quite as comfortable.
a soft large meluna could also be a good choice... this really depends on how low your cervix is, i've heard a large yuuki is likely to stick out:/
cheniqua_17 on October 25th, 2010 05:15 pm (UTC)
my cervix isn't super low, I kind of have to go fishing for my yuuki if i don't bear down to find it. and i could deal with a slightly higher firmness i think. honestly I've got a small ladycup too (which will soon be up for sale on here) and it's almost too squishy.
Serpentserpent_849 on October 25th, 2010 05:22 pm (UTC)
sounds like a fleurcup or regular large meluna could be a good choice then :)
cheniqua_17 on October 25th, 2010 05:25 pm (UTC)
It's gonna be a fleur-I'm a fan of the silicone thing-i like the clearness so i can see how much my flow is.

and they have the color i want! (my school is big on team spirit and so help me if i have to own a pair of scarlet and gray panties (they were a gift from my roommate) i'm going to own a scarlet cup too)
kitsunenomizukitsunenomizu on October 25th, 2010 05:41 pm (UTC)
Great choice. Hope you're ready for that vibrant red. :p I am in love with everything about my green fleur. I hope it works well for you!
cheniqua_17 on October 25th, 2010 07:00 pm (UTC)
red is one of my favorite colors already..and i go to a school where the bookstore sells scarlet and gray (our school colors) undies to go with all the other school spirit wear...i think it will fit right in-heck i could probably convince a few die-hards that they should look at cups (specifically fleurs) if they want to go all the way in school spirit
きみえ (Kimie)kimie_catclaw on October 25th, 2010 11:37 pm (UTC)

Ahaha, maybe I'll look into a red cup, too, at some point.
cheniqua_17 on October 25th, 2010 11:41 pm (UTC)
lol yes i go to know it's bad when you own scarlet and gray panties

and actually i dude friend who knows about cups said i should get the gray one so i could say that "i bleed scarlet into gray"
きみえ (Kimie)kimie_catclaw on October 25th, 2010 11:43 pm (UTC)
I used to go to OSU, and my husband is staff~

Loool, I'm not sure if that's gross, hilarious, or both. XD
cheniqua_17 on October 25th, 2010 11:45 pm (UTC)
both my folks are staff (love the discount that comes with that)

and that's about the face i made when he said it XD
i might get the gray one just to say it to him now
Jenjennifer0246 on October 25th, 2010 08:22 pm (UTC)
i'm sorry, i don't have experience with the cups you're considering. i just wanted to add that its unlikely the nuvaring is increasing your menstrual flow, but probable that the yaz was reducing it significantly, as yaz is an extended-dose BCP (24 active pills, vs 21 days of hormones in nuvaring). you can consider leaving your ring in for 24 days / out for 4 days / insert a new ring for 24 days, if you'd like to try the same hormonal timeframe and see if that lightens your flow as Yaz did. it won't compromise your protection to do so, and just might work.

good luck!