cheniqua_17 (cheniqua_17) wrote in menstrual_cups,

need larger cup advice

 i just recently changed birthcontrol methods going from yaz to the nuvaring and one of the effects of the nuvaring appears to be that it increases my flow during my period.  I've been using a small yuuki successfully for 9 months now.  it is very comfortable and soft-but the capacity is no longer what I need for my heavy days. I know this isn't  a rogue heavy period either because I was started on the nuvaring 3 months ago and they have been consistently heavier than before since the change.  It wasn't an issue during the summer but now that classes have started again I need longer times between changes again.  

 I was wondering which of the three bigger cups had an equitable softness to the small yuuki.  I'm looking at the large lunette, the large fleurcup, and the large yuuki.  Any recommendations?  
Tags: brand comparisons, heavy blood flow
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