gotacola (gotacola) wrote in menstrual_cups,

trying to choose a cup for heavier days

I have a medium meluna which is working out great for me and is very comfortable.  On my heaviest days it only lasts five hours max before I have to empty it so I'd like to find a cup that gives me a few extra hours. 

I received a sample large meluna when I ordered the medium.  I tried out the large one yesterday and it was really uncomfortable - I couldn't insert it deeply enough so the bottom of the cup pushed down on the opening of my vagina and I had to concede it wasn't going to work out. 

I've looked at the comparison chart here and see that the small fleurcup has the same body length as the medium meluna but has a higher capacity.  With the 15ml med meluna lasting 5 hours on a heavy day I worked out mathematically that the 22.5ml fleurcup should give me 7.5 hours.  

I'd really love to hear from anyone that has both a medium meluna and small fleurcup as to whether they both feel about the same to wear and whether they feel the capacity of the fleurcup does give them a couple of hours extra before emptying.
Tags: fleurcup, meluna, sizes/size issues

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