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A successful dry run :D

 XD last week I ordered my large red fleurcup and it came in the mail yesterday!
I was soo exited to try it out but since people are saying that you shouldn't do dry runs since it changes down there when your on your period I decided to do it so I could get some preference to some folds so I don't have to try putting it on for hours with bloody fingers...
So after two hours in a locked room, I got it in! 8D I left it there overnight and didn't feel a thing and it was awesome, but I did have some troubles getting it out. After figuring out that I could actually do kegels I managed to take it out without having any troubles. :D

Anyways, I do have a couple questions regarding dry runs and actual runs with a cup...
I found that having the cup in its natural form REALLY hurt vs. and inverse cup when I was taking it out because of the ridges, so should i file them down or would my lady parts not feel it during my period? (I know stupid question but I had to ask :/ )
Also, is it just me or when you take your cup and twirl it on your finger it makes static electricity? I was doing that earlier and I noticed that my cup suddenly had fur on it O_o (and no, I didn't let my dog get a hold of it)

In the end I'm pretty sure that I'm going to rave about my successful time with the cup once my next cycle comes (can't wait X3)
Man, I love this place, it's how I discovered cups!

Tags: dry run, first time use, fleurcup, insertion, success stories
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