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Hi there! I've been a lurker for... a few days really. I bought a small Diva Cup two days ago upon some recommendations from the ladies at vaginapagina seeing as I may have lichen sclerosus (saw a doc who said yay, a gyno who said condyloma. I'm seeing a dermatologist soon, and I've got a colposcopy in late December though I dunno if he'll do a biopsy as well) and I dislike tampons and pads don't really help the condition. Anyhow. I bought myself a cup thinking myself very wonderful for it.

I just managed to put it in, though it was trial and error there for like 50 billion tries. I think I even started hyperventilating slightly when I started freaking out that there must be something wrong with my vagina :/ Just started my period today, though I was on the pill until this past month and usually my blood is browner and where a regular period is heavy flux from day one, pill-period is spotty and wonderfully light overall. So, I don't know if the pill changes my physiology or if it's my hymen that's in the way (I'm a 23 year-old virgin) but for a while there I was afraid I'd tear my hymen getting it in (I've fingered myself a few timesbefore; didn't really care for the experience as I'm more of a rub/grind girl. I've also used tampons before though I thoroughly dislike them. I guess I just don't like having something inside me... so far ;P ). Tried the C-fold and the punch-down fold and both felt uncomfortable and awkward, but ultimately I think the C-fold was the one that did the trick and slid in with some work. I have no idea if I insterted it far enough, but I did try to push it a bit farther inside once it was in and it wouldn't budge. Also, is it normal that I can feel the stem when I'm sitting straight? That's very uncomfortable. I have to admit that I'm a very embarrassed novice when it comes to knowing my body -- though my PC muscles are pretty exercised because I've been practising peeing intermittently for years for the heck of it, so once I relaxed enough it was a fairly comfy slide. I just don't know if I'm pushing it in far enough...

Ultimately, though, I'm liking my cup. Can't feel it inside, unlike a tampon which I was always aware of, apart from the stem which I suppose I'll have to cut, and I think it's going to be very freeing when I have my heavier periods :)

Will try removing in the shower tomorrow. I expect it can't be much worse than removing a tampon? Bear down a bit and it'll help along? At least I can be afraid the stem will break with a cup!
Tags: cervix position, divacup, first time use, hymen, insertion - folding methods, insertion - painful or problems, popping open, virginity

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