Mouseketette (luvpirate) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Salutations and Vielen Dank!

Greetings, wonderful, wonderful community!

I just got in the mail my two new loooovely cups. I got a MeLuna medium in purple, and a FleurCup small in violet. I like purple. I just wanted to say that I am so so grateful to all the people in this community with their informative posts and patient and supportive guidance to its members, and even to lurkers like me.

I'm off to try one of my new cups (with my new so-cute seahorse cloth pantyliner!), feeling quite confident because of all of you.

Thank you so much!!


Edited to Add:

Using the medium MeLuna right now... I got it in! Halfway to a success story! I can already say it was more pleasant than inserting a tampon. I think I will have to trim the stem unless it migrates a little more within the next couple hours. I'm so happy!! And my cloth pantyliner feels so comfy. It was an instant conversion. I love cups and I'm sending my older sister the info that came with my cups. Thanks again!

Edited A-Gain:

A complete success. I managed to remove the cup on the first try with a minumum of discomfort, no leakage visible on my seahorses, and only a little noise. I must confess, though, my vagina now feels "tired." (Does that make any sense? That's the only word that seems to fit.) So to give her a break, I'm using my cloth pad from New Moon Pads. YaY CuPs!
Tags: first time use, success stories
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