Kai (kuradi8) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Iris Cups Seem to be Available -- Or Are They?

The Iris Cup site seems to have cups available and their photos have the website of their own online distributor across them.  The cups themselves are priced at 27 Euros (US$37.66 by today's exchange rate du jour) and shipping to countries other than Spain is very steep at 20 more Euros (US$27.89)  =8oO  Shipping within Spain is only 6 Euros = US$8.37  So it looks like they are discouraging international (to them) customers.

On the other hand, those same pink and clear Iris Cups seem to be repackaged under other names and available through Chinese bulk distributors in lots of 100 cups.  Are they selling "factory seconds?"  Over-runs?  Or did the Iris company fail and their site simply hasn't been removed yet?
Tags: iriscup
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