gotacola (gotacola) wrote in menstrual_cups,

any idea on how not to make a mess emptying cup?

I'm after tips on how to make less mess when emptying my cup.

I'm currently on my second period with my cup and after the learning curve of the first it feels like smooth sailing and I'm so happy with the cup.  The only thing is, when I empty the cup I end up looking like I've dunked my hands in a bucket of blood... then it takes about a mile of toilet paper to get me and the cup cleaned up.  I'm not grossed out by the blood but I'd feel bad using up a mile of toilet paper in someone else's bathroom.

Is this just how it is when you use a cup or can you get so good that you can keep the blood to a couple of fingers on one hand?  I feel like I must have pretty bad technique...  Or maybe its just me - like how I can't bake a cake without ending up with mixture on my clothes and flour in my hair...
Tags: removal
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