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FS: US Mooncup size A and Lg Fleurcup

I have here two cups that I have tried for a cycle or two and don't work for me. They both leak like mad and I'm starting to think I'm just not built for cups :(

The Keeper Mooncup is sz A for over 35 or after childbirth, still has it's pouch, stem trimmed. Washed with castile soap and boiled at the end of my cycle. $15 ppd.

Fleurcup is a large, in the violet shade which is a faint lavender, however mine is lightly stained - don't know why, it happened the first time I used it. Soaked it in peroxide to try to remove and that didn't seem to help. Other than that in great shape, washed with castile soap and boiled at the end of my cycles. $20 ppd.

Email me at earthymamawitch AT hotmail DOT com if interested - I do take paypal!
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