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Teachers and Educators and Students

Hi everyone! *waves*. I've been a member here for ages but I only just joined with this account, so that if I'm googled, my personal journal won't come up. Hope you understand, feel free to PM me if you'd like to know my real identity.

I'm a student teacher, and I've recently started up a website for educators (of all types, not just classroom teachers). It involves a forum and a main site. It's a website for educators who believe in interactive lessons where possible, relevancy, treating students as people (shock!) not as half formed individuals, and trying to improve social justice issues. Any educator here is welcome to join the forum and I'd absolutely love to see you there because you have no idea how much I love you menstrual_cup uterus owners and your beliefs about gender and sex ed and your bodies.

ANYWAY. There's an articles section, and I would *love* to write an article or two about menstrual cups and education. I know I'd like to write about how it can revolutionise life for teachers who wouldn't have to worry about changing or leaking as much, perhaps something from teachers who included it in their growth and development lessons or otherwise encouraged girls to use them or be comfortable about their bodies, perhaps something about eco friendlyness... maybe if any of you consider yourselves educators about menstrual cups, I could write about you and what you do? I'd love it if you'd suggest other articles I might be interested in writing. YOU could also write a short (or long, if you want) article for me, in connection with something to do with educators.

If you could reply to this with anything about cups and your  experience with them as an educator, or something that might fit some of the article ideas I've suggested above, with the understanding that I might use your quote, I would absolutely love it. I feel that I would be so much less crazy sounding if I had evidence that all sorts of teachers use it, rather than just talking about *my* periods and my  use of this crazy new device. :p
Tags: activism, papers/articles/pamphlets

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