teenage_catlady (teenage_catlady) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Talking with others about cups?

 I love my cup.

I really do.

I LOVE it kind of love it.

But when the opportunity arises to talk about it...say someone complains about feeling wet & sticky all the time and their period's really heavy, or they're on their period and can't find a tampon, or they have terrible cramps...I can't bring myself to mention cups to them. Like, I have this golden opportunity, where they're basically spilling their guts about their problems with their period and I...just can't do it.

I feel like I'm doing a disservice to womenkind.

I'm a ninth grader. How do I tell my friends about cups without coming across as a psycho?

(Yes, I do have one friend who I talk about it with. But this is the friend I talk about everything with. As in, I just finished a Facebook chat in which we discussed appetite fluctuations during our cycle. Most of my friends are not like this.)

Thanks, everyone. :) This community has helped me so much in the past. You guys rock.
Tags: activism

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