0Bubble0 (0bubble0) wrote in menstrual_cups,

2 Lunettes for sale

I realize this page should not be used for this purpose, but this can't be done anywhere else on the web I'm afraid.
I have two Lunette cups for sale. One is a small Selene, has been used twice and the stem is completely trimmed. The other one is a large Diana, has been used four times, and about 1/2 of the stem is trimmed. I will completely understand if someone won't buy a used cup, but I would hate throwing them away if there is a chance someone will be interested. I am selling them just because they leak for some reason. My guess is my cervix is placed differently and the material isn't flexible enough to adjust (?) I though buying a large one would help but I was wrong. I found LadyCup to be the perfect cup for me.
I will sterilise the cups in Milton solution plus will boil them.
I am asking £15 for each ( I live in the UK), but I will dispatch worldwide, without overcharging for postage. Please pm me if  you are interested
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