lindsapotamus (lindsapotamus) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Scuba diving and yeast infections

I'm a marine biologist and frequently have to scuba dive all day long for several days in a row. I've been successfully using my diva cup for about two years with  no problems - all the sudden this summer with the beginning of a new job and a lot of diving work - I got the first yeast infection of my life (I'm 25) - it appeared at the tail end of my period and was really hard to get rid of.  The same thing just happened this week and I was diving the duration of my period.  Coincidentally I keep getting my period my first day in the water (maybe a combination of the amount of time we work on the water and pressure squashing my uterus) so I'm assuming that the last infection also happened during a lot of diving with my cup in. The blood in my cup after a dive is always of a much thinner consistency so I think a little water does leak in. Maybe having seawater hanging out in my vagina all day for 4-5 days is causing it - although I'm not quite sure why.  Have any other divers had this happen to them? Any suggestions on preventing this? Any ideas on whether I need to clean my cup hardcore every night or my vagina? 

Other than this irritating side my cup has been super reliable  while diving - mega bummer :(
Tags: sports/physical activities, yeast infections
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