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Some Updates

Just a few interesting things I thought I would share:

Ladycup-- Last I heard, they were applying for FDA approval.  A member from Facebook I recently spoke to, said that Ladycup told her they should be finished with the FDA approval process by January 2011, possibly as early as December 2010.  Can't wait, I do want to carry this one.

Soft Meluna-- Frank said he would send me some samples.  I sent him a hello today though, because when I first asked, a lot of people were wanting the samples, so he was probably keeping a lot of requests in order.  So I’ll keep everyone posted on these.

Miacup-- Has a new owner!  She emailed me on Facebook yesterday.  They are also applying for FDA approval, but they had to switch to colors that are FDA approved.  So they have a new “official” color.  It is still purple, but she said it was a “darker” shade of purple.  She wants to send me samples of the new “official” Miacup color.  The new color has been in circulation for a little while now, but people were confused as to which purple was the official one.  So she wants me to put up plenty of photos for everyone to see, to confirm the new color as official.  I told them when they get approved, I would love to carry their product :)

Yay, can’t wait!  2 more FDA-approved brands that U.S. sellers will be able to carry! :)


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