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Stopped out of frustration and decided to give it another try.

Hello all!

So i went back to tampons after leaking every day of every period with my Diva and Meluna for over a year. I am actually very sad to say that tampons were much more reliable, less messy etc, being disappointed by my cups but its also expensive!

However, yesturday at work i felt "periodish" and i didnt have any pads on me. Just my cups and tampons. My period hadnt started yet so i didnt want to waste a tampon if my "periodish" feeling was just all in my head. So just for a little security, I decided to put in "this stupid failure of a thing" at lunch time 1:00. I didn't get to use the bathroom again until about 7:30pm and THE CUP WAS FULL AND DID NOT LEAK AT ALL!! It was the first day of my period. I thought wow! this thing finally wants to work for me. But i had a dance rehearsal and knew how unreliable it was so I replaced it with a tampon and decided to try the cup overnight. Of course it leaked. But i expected that since the first night is heavy. So I've been observing it today and it's back to square 1. leaking leaking leaking.

Will my cups ever work for me on everyday of my period? What was it about my first day that made the cup feel sorry for me?

Please note: I always check to make sure that the cup is an (o) around my cervix or my cervix is in it. So i know its not a cervix peeking out problem.

My cups are like a bad boyfriend that I love and can't let go of because I think he'll finally change one day! haha

Tags: cervix position, leakage & spotting, meluna
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