Mintra95 (loucheena) wrote in menstrual_cups,

A question for people who use lrg ladycups and have low cervixes?

Hi, I've got the small ladycup, and after I insert it, it literally suctions onto my cervix. I can still remove it, but I have to pull it out in such a way that if there was any actual blood in the cup, it'd all spill out for sure. So I was wondering if the large size would be wide enough that it wouldn't suction to my cervix?

Edit: Thanks for the great replies!! Well, when I say it suctions to my cervix, I meant that the cup goes completely around my cervix, and then it literally attaches itself (to the sides of my cervix). And the suction's so strong that the only way I'm able to remove the cup is by grabbing the rim and forcing it off. Also, I have multiple cups (but thanks for the recommendations!), and the only one that does this is the ladycup.
Tags: cervix position, lady cup, removal - painful or problems, sizes/size issues
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