silverback_les (silverback_les) wrote in menstrual_cups,

cups and pregnancy

Haven't posted for a while, but something occurred to me this morning. I have a friend who just found out she is pregnant and I had given her a Divacup I had gotten for free. She has done a lot of traveling lately and hasn't tried her cup yet. I was thinking to myself that now that she is pregnant she won't have a chance to use it anytime soon, but is that really true?

I know some women have light periods when they are pregnant and occasionally some will have a normal one. Can a pregnant woman use a cup if she is having a period? If a woman can have sex when she is pregnant, surely she could use a menstrual product, right? Now that I know that tampons can contain bleach and chemicals it seems an even worse idea to use then during pregnancy, but couldn't a cup be used if necessary?

Who knows anything about this? Thanks!

Sorry if this is a double post! I'm not too smart all the time!
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