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Several Questions that I have.

I had been looking into these for myself many years ago, but since my hysterectomy it has been a none issue. But I recently started looking into this again for my teenage daughter. Boy there is so much information now and so many options/manufacturers! Back to my daughter, she is very active and when she first started her monthly she begin using tampons immediately. She had to with being a gymnast at the time, so this means she absolutely despises pads and is starting to hate tampons. So this past week I have shown her this site and videos posted on You Tube, and is very open to the idea of trying them. But we have several questions;

She is a Springboard Diver (1 & 3 Meter), we are concerned of the seal breaking & leakage while twisting and turning or perhaps on impact (especially if she flops and the impact of hitting the water). Are there any Divers that can answer this or even Gymnasts?

We live in the USA and understand that the FDA will only allow certain brands to be sold here. But does that mean we can not order on-line the other brands either?

With that being said, I found a very detail comparison chart earlier but I am unable to locate it now - on this particular chart it did list what the FDA allowed in the USA. Can anyone direct me to it please so we can make a well educated decision in choosing a cup?

I understand the issue with the need to use particular hand soaps, so I would like to know from others in the USA what hand soaps do you use & where do you purchase it? So I know what and where to look to purchase.

Thanks in advance for any help in answering our questions.


NOTE:  Thank you ALL for all the great responses and information!! You have no idea how grateful we are for all the awesome comments, information and encouragement, and what it has meant to us!!!


Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions, first time use, sports/physical activities
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