leighah (leighah) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Fleurcup for sale

Anyone interested in buying a used Fleurcup?  I have one (a large lilac one) that I've used once.
There are a lot of features that I like about the cup:  nice grip rings, large capacity, tab stem that didn't need to be trimmed (at least not for me), a shape that is very comfy (for me).
My large Lunette also has all of these features, though.
The things I don't like about the Fleurcup:  it's not as stiff as my Lunette, and it's more see-through than the Lunette (that part wouldn't be enough to turn me away from the Fleurcup, but it's just my preference).   Some people seem to actually prefer the softer, squishier cups since they are more comfortable to them.
I did not purchase the bag with it, but I can put it in the cotton bag that came with my mooncup.
$20, including shipping.  However you want to pay is fine with me.

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