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Another reason I wish cups were more mainstream

I keep seeing this commercial on tv and it frustrates me.

(Sorry for not linking to a video site, this is the only place I found the ad, although there is another 01:30 ad, this is the one getting wide circulation which is what really frustrates me).

Our bodies are designed to bleed for a certain amount of time with regular frequency. People that get irritation from tampons have the problem, as we've discussed before, in part because the tampon absorbs both the blood *and* the natural pH/flora of the vagina. I fail to see how these tampons are going to refrain from absorbing the good things but not the blood. And considering the original rephresh product is similar to a douche, which throws off the pH of the vagina already, if they've included that as part of the tampon it seems like it will only make things worse. It doesn't help they've got a gynecologist backing this up. They don't really explain *how* this works, the whole commercial rankles of "I have letters behind my name and I say this product is better than your old one because blah blah Science terms pH blah, so buy it".

I know we discuss here some of the reasons we like cups is because the natural flora of the vagina stays there, rather than being absorbed by a tampon. I was wondering if anyone else had the irked reaction based on things they learned here?
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