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omg, i finally see why people love cups<33333333

So I posted here about my first experience in using cups and I was having toothing troubles. But since then, it's been 3-4 cycles and I also got a lg clear Fleurcup in addition to my pink sm fleur for capacity and I lovvvvvvvveee using them now :) I finally got the positioning just right and I've had no leaks, even when sleeping :O! Both are very comfy and I love not having to wear my itchy pads during my cycle, rushing out of the shower to make sure nothing "drips" and being cleaner. I have to say, I was a skeptic at first but not anymore :D.
Also, does anyone know when the mpower cup will be back in stock at that femininewear site? I emailed the woman in charge of the site and she said they are making changes to the design at the company due to it being to similar to another cup(I believe she said the lunette) I noticed it was not there anymore and I really wanted to order that cup next along with another lg fleurcup.
Tags: fleurcup, mpowercup, success stories

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