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Very happy...tee hee...

Happy indeed...hehehehe...Hello there. So I've been using the Lunette Menstrual cup for three months now, and I am loving it. Now prior to using this, I've never used a tampon and I am a virgin. I've been using mostly disposable pads followed by reusable pads. Btw I am 20 years old. Anyway, when I heard about menstrual cups, my first thought was," oohh this seems cost and eco friendly" but at the same time I thought," holy...shit...how the fuck can that thing get up there and isn't it painful...?" After asking myself that question, I googled menstrual cups and came across this community as well as watching some informative videos of it on MensturalCupInfo's youtube Channel. I just have to say to all of you guys/gals whatever, thank you. If it wasn't for the information and experiences you guys provided, I would have been shit scared of using a menstrual cup. I mean, the reason why I've never used a tampon before was because I was scared of using it and it looked painful to use. Well, not only that, but I didn't know a damn thing about my womanhood. So I guess what helped me to better understand my womanhood, was using a mirror to checking myself out. I also tried puting my finger up my vagina, I thought it would hurt, but it didn't hurt at all. In fact, I thought to myself, " are you serious...? That's it....? That's what I've been afraid of all this time? wtf..." After I was finished with that, I tried using the cup. Insertion was easier than I had expected and I didn't feel a thing. Now taking it out on the other hand, like an idiot, I yanked it out and it was painful...very painful. I think I ripped my hymen apart lmao but oh well, hymens are useless. I realized that I was supposed to release the suction and ease it out side by side. I did just that and it came out fine. A little uncomfortable, but not painful. I told my friends and family about menstrual cups and how I'm using one. My friends were open-minded about it, but like me, thought it would be painful to use. All of them are virgins too and have never used a tampon...so yeah...My family on the other hand were a bit unsupportive of me using one or just the idea of menstrual cups in general. My mother was initially  worried about me using one because she thought it was harmful to the vagina like a tampon is. After explaining everything to her about menstrual cups, she wasn't entirely supportive of me using one, but she was okay with it. My sister on the other hand just flat out said," eww! That's disgusting." Even after explaining everything to her and showing her videos and information about this, she still thought it was nasty. What's funny is that she's a tampon user and she finds this gross. Oh the irony...Anyhow, again I just wanted to thank all of you guys for sharing your experiences with the cup, providing information and being supportive of each other. This has truly given me a happier period.

Tags: family & friends, first time use, success stories, virginity
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