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Yay Cups

So I posted a while ago about telling my mom about cups and her positive response to them.  I finally got the courage to tell one of my sisters about them and while she isn't saying "ick that's just wrong" she also isn't interested in trying them which is fine.  Her decision.  Well I was hanging out with a couple of my friends last week and one of them asked where some tampons were.  I proceeded to tell them that I use cups.  They both seemed a lil grossed out but they were still interested so I showed them Lunettes site and some of the vids on youtube.  We ended up changing the subject after a while and then I had to go so I figured okay well now they know.  Last night, one of them texted me and asked me what one I use and where I got it.  I got super excited :D  She's now looking at this site and trying to figure out which one she should buy!! It's between a large and small lunette right now.  I just had to share my exciting experience with you ladies. 
Oh and I just got my black fleurcup.  It looks awesome! I'll have to wait a few weeks to try it though.
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