Kerry (curlycurlyfries) wrote in menstrual_cups,

A frequently asked question but..

 Okay reffering back to this post  -->
i finally got my dad to let me get one!!
I need some help on what to get though cause i have no experience with cups unlike you lovely ladies out there =]
I know that cups are like shoes and there is no such thing as a perfect cup for everybody and there is a comparison chart ( this one??) still need some help
Im 14 , virgin (unlike some people of my age), and currently (not sure if it counts when your not on your period) my cervix is around 3 inches up there my periods are really heavy and i've never had a tampon since my mother is strongly against that and cups. If you guys have some suggestions could you post some links to the websites that can ship to US and are a bit cheaper than $40
Thanks in advance!
Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions, virginity
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