Kat (etimodnar) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I have a question: removal pain

So far I've got the insertion thing happening. The first three days are always heaviest, so I'm using the medium MeLuna with stem (I love the stem). My cervix must be a bit high up, because the stem is only just sitting in and above my labia. I'm using the handy origami fold which pops up like a dream! I tried the punch down and seven fold, but they weren't opening properly. To make sure my cup is sealed, I'm not rotating it (who can??), but kinda pulling and pushing it very slightly until it seems like it won't move. I tried that yesterday, then followed up by running my finger around the rim, but the rim was so high that getting my finger up there was a bit of a strain. I've leaked a little, but it turns out it's leaked because the blood flow has gotten to the air holes and kinda spilled over a bit.

I emptied my cup just half an hour ago, it hadn't reached the holes yet and I'd had only tiny tiny spots on my panty liner. Yay! The issue is this: taking it out is a bit painful. When I used my small MeLuna on my semi-dry run when it first arrived, I tilted it to get it out and that was no problem. Now, even tilting it is a bit painful with the medium. I don't think breaking the seal is the problem because the pain comes when it's almost out. The bowl of the cup will be out, but not the rim. It feels like the rim is too wide to come out. My cup is back in and I intend to empty it again tonight before bed. Getting a third finger up to break the seal is a bit hard when I already have 2 fingers up trying to grip it. Is there something else I can do? Is this normal? Will I just get used to it?
Tags: removal - painful or problems, teething troubles
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