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In a nutshell (or a small meluna?)

In a couple of days I'm going to be on TV promoting cups. I have 1 minute to say my bit...what do you think are the top topics to cover?

I have a host who can direct the piece with questions, so key questions would also be good.

*sigh* The more I work on this, the more I think I should just pay the extra money and get a 3 minute slot instead.

EDIT: I think some context is in order.

I'm going to be on TV, on a local show that is promoting businesses that will be exhibiting at a women's lifestyle expo. I'm there promoting my business EnvironMenstruals. I will also be doing two 15 minute seminars in which I can say everything. The TV appearance is the opportunity to bring the idea of cups to a very wide, very mainstream audience (it will play a few times over the next week or so). Most of these women will have no idea that cups exist. (I did another expo 2 weeks ago in another city, and introduced THOUSANDS of women to the idea of cups - there were rather well received too).

In 1 minute (or 3, which is sounding more and more reasonable at this stage), not rushing, I have to explain what cups are and overcome all of the issues that people have with them so they'll go to my website or come to my expo stand.

So what were YOUR biggest concerns about cups pre-cup?
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