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Leaky Lefty!

Thank goodness for this forum- I desperately need some advice!  I purchased my first Diva Cup a little while ago and my cycle just started yesterday... and it's been the longest two days of my life!  I cannot, for the life of me, get the cup into position over my cervix!   Insertion is not a problem.   Since I'm a noob, at times, I do have some difficulty, getting it to open up- however, once I do the suction is good, it rotates well, just not over my cervix!

My cervix is not just a of little off center to the left, it's a lot to the left and I swear its buried into the wall of my vaginal canal! I literally have to push the wall over with my finger in order to feel the tip of it.  Every time I put the cup in, when I check to see if it's in place, it's always to the right of my cervix.  I can never get the cup's rim over enough to cover it.  I've tried different folds and angling it towards the left as I insert it, pulling it out halfway, pushing it back and to the left... but so far, I've had no success in getting it in the proper place.

I'm pretty sure it's my lack of technique, however, perhaps you can tell me if I've chosen the wrong brand of cup.  Going by the sizing chart for the Diva Cup, I'm supposed to be a size 2.  I tried measuring the length from the tip of my cervix to the entrance of my vagina, using my index finger, and calculated it to be approximately 6.4cm/2.5 in.  I'm a heavy flow kinda girl, especially now at the start of my period, so the Diva seemed a good choice.

I'm kinda stumped and a little sore!  I understand that it sometimes takes a few cycles to get the hang of it, but I think I need a some more tips and tricks, perhaps from those of you who are also a bit “off center”!
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