Saráh (whimaway) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Small Femmecup sold! (Ladycup has been sold.)

Small Femmecup for sale with no stem. (The stem was very uncomfortable.) It has the original cloth pouch and has only been used once. $20 including shipping.

SOLD - Small green Lady Cup for sale. Its stem has not been trimmed and I will also send the original green/pink plaid pouch. It has only been used three times. $22 including shipping.

I will also consider cup trades! I am interested in small meluna, small fleur, or small lunette. Preferably colored :)

I will boil each cup before sending. Only accepting payment through paypal, and paying for US shipping only please! (If you do not live the US, but are interested, you will have to pay for shipping.)

Email me if you are interested at weepngwillow16 -at-

Femmecup and its pouch

Greencup (lovely color) and pouch
Tags: femmecup, lady cup, where to buy
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