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How can i persuade my dad to let me get a cup?

 Okays im 14 and I have discovered menstrual cups for around 2 months and i REALLY WANT ONE. >D
I usually go to my dad to talk about these kinds of things because he has more knowledge about it than my mother  (sadly).
So after around a week of research and trying to find what would be best for me based on text i finally fessed up to my dad and told him that i wanted one and it could really save us some moolah (theres 3 females in my house). He's heard of it before but i had to give an overview of what it was and he said i could have one BUT he had to consult a nurse first. Month later he asked and said i couldnt have one D: .
The only reason(s) why is because the dang nurse said that it was a really old concept and nobody uses them anymore. I tried to debate cause im sick and tired of pads but he came up with a "smart" remark and said ,"If there so good and new why don't they sell them in stores and why must we buy one off the internet?"
...I cant persuade him T^T
What should i do i really want one and even my older sis thinks its awesome too!
and sorry if im treating this post as therapy.

EDIT:: Thanks you guys are a big help :D sooner or later im going to get my dad to give up =]
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