melissa569 (melissa569) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Better Cervix Video - And Softer Meluna?

Cervix video:  I kept trying to figure out a way to show how the cervix moves up and down for some women during their cycle and how a menstrual cup responds to it.  Then while looking at my Divacup flipped inside-out,it hit me-- a flipped cup is the perfect example!  So I made a new video to better protray it.  Hope it helps, I also put it on my blog.  I put the video in as the first comment to this post.

Soft Meluna:  Also, there has been talk that a softer Meluna is selling now?  I have seen it on their website:

Just letting everyone know.   :)
Tags: cervix position, diagrams & pictures, links, meluna
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