Heatherly (heatherlyy) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Another happy customer! Mostly..

Okay, so when I started my period this week, I decided I would take the plunge and get a menstrual cup. My local grocery market (which is awesome) had Divacups and Keepers. I got a small Divacup, and so far it's really worked out wonderfully! It's so comfy, and I don't have to worry. It's just like everyone's been saying.

There is one thing that I'm concerned about. It did great swimming, but when I went on a run with it I found that I could feel it for the first time. I've already trimmed the stem so it was comfortable, and based on how deep I end up digging for it when I take it out, I think my cervix is pretty darn high. However, when I was running it felt like it was pushing out some. Not enough to hurt, but it felt akin to how a really big, really dry tampon feels. Not comfortable.

I'm wondering if you have any tips to fix this? Other than running, it's been comfy and without leaks. Am I doing something wrong or do I just have to deal with this discomfort?
Tags: chafing/irritation, sports/physical activities, success stories

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