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One of those months

I just wanted to share that this period was one of the worst since I started using cups. I have been a cup user for over a year, and usually have no issues. Not this month! My cup leaked everytime. Thankfully my period wasn't it's usual super heavy "Nagra falls" type, but still a major inconvienience. I tried switching cups (I have 4), I tried switching folds, inserting in different positions, nothing worked. I searched for my cervix to make sure I was putting the cup in correctly, but my cervix wanted to dance I guess, because even after finding it, I still couldn't get the cup in right.

When my cups were in, the bothered the heck out of me. Like I couldn't get them to sit in their usual comfy spot. Instead they danced around (maybe doing a jig with my cervix??) and felt really uncorfortable for the whole 6 days.

Sigh... Just one of those months. Next month I am hoping is more like usual, no dancing cups, no dancing cervix just comfy, leak free, worry free, cup use.
Anyone else have times like that?
Tags: cervix position, leakage & spotting

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