weimermutts (weimermutts) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Looking for LARGE LadyCup

Im looking for a Large LadyCup if anyone has one for sale. No matter the color.

I didnt think I liked the lady cup very well, but after having better luck with it then the Lunette I recently got, I think I really do like the LadyCup. However, my daughter has taken it over rather then using the brand new Fleurcup I got her!!!!

So am in need of another ladycup please!!!!I  I havent totally figured everything out here, so please send email to k.simmons@mail.com if you have 1 available. I quite probably will be looking to sell the used large Lunette and brand new small Fleurcup soon. UPDATE: The Lunette has sold. Still have the Fleurcup for sale.
Thank you
Tags: coloured lady cups, lady cup

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