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New LadyCup User

Hello everyone!

My mom just bought me a LadyCup, lotus color, small for my birthday from their Ebay store, after I've been wanting one for a couple years (I found out about them right here on LJ). I'm 25, sexually active, no kids. I just got done with my period and I am astonished. I cannot believe my period could have been COMFORTABLE. I actually forgot I was on my period!!! This had never happened to me since its onset. It was either bulky awkward pads or uncomfortable soaked through tampons. I did a dry run in the shower and decided to trim the stem a little. Insertion was pretty easy, I've been using the C-fold and 7-fold throughout the week with a little bit of lube on the rim periodically. I was so used to checking for leaks in my tampon every 2-3 hours that I did it with the cup too, but I quickly realized this was unnecessary. I ended up only changing it every 12-14 hours! Incredible! The ONLY time it leaked was when I left it in closer to 24 hours (like I said I forgot I was on my period) and was on campus all day. That was my bad- it was a heavy flow day, the cup just runneth over that's all.

I also did yoga twice in it and the LadyCup was comfy and never leaked. I'm so happy, I was kinda nervous always about getting one/fitting right/wasting money. My period is always such a hassle....but my cup is changing my perspective =D I even got my boyfriend involved, he's the one who trimmed the stem for me. I joked that if I needed help removing it would he help, and he said of course. And he loves the idea of not running to the store at 1am to get me more tampons, not to mention all the extra money we'll be saving. Yay all around!
Tags: coloured lady cups, family & friends, first time use, lady cup, sports/physical activities, success stories

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