gotacola (gotacola) wrote in menstrual_cups,

did I get it in right?

Today is my first time trying to use my cup and is the first day of my period in this cycle.  At first I had trouble putting it in - tried c-fold, s-fold, double 7-fold but all really hurt trying to put them in.  Finally I tried 7 fold and was able to get it in without too much drama.  It seems to be sitting just inside the pubic bone - that is, the base of the cup touches up against the pubic bone and the ball-handle (meluna) is sitting level with the pubic bone and I can't feel it at all.  I couldn't fit my finger in all the way to check the rim but I could reach about halfway there and it seemed to be open.  I think it's sitting at about the right depth because my cervix is fairly low at the moment.

It all SEEMS right but I wanted to check something.  I've checked my cervix several times in the last couple of weeks and yesterday and today it seems to be sitting a bit differently.  On other days I could run my finger right around the tip of the cervix.  Yesterday and today it seems to have have nestled in against the skin so that I can feel the front and sides of it but the back of the cervix tip (behind the opening) is sitting in a skin fold.  For this reason I doubt the cervix is sitting in the cup all the way around.  The cup does however seem to "fill up" the vaginal cavity around the cervix so I'm hoping that's enough.  I'm wearing a pad today just in case but wanted to check that point in case there's something wrong.
Tags: cervix position, first time use
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