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Cup Comparison Charts And International Shipping

Hello everyone, 2 points I wanted to mention really quick:

1-- I finally got around to making a comparison chart of the brands I own (size, capacity, stiffness).  I'm sorry its taken so long, but better late than never, I suppose.  Also, there are some brands I have now, that I did not before, so there is more info now.  I suppose its one more we can add to the wealth of lovely charts that have been shared here.  I put it in my WordPress blog, but I may also add it to my discussion forum.  Here is the link: 

2-- For Lunette customers, now ships worldwide :)  

Hope you guys like the chart, I used varying color shades, so the rows are easier to follow.  Hugs, everyone! 

Edit:  Ok, cm measurements have now been included, everyone! Although I broke the chart into 3 pictures now, and included the blue title bar at the top of each page, so if you click it to make it bigger, the blue bar remains as a guide :)

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